Looking for an online casino where they accept cheques?

Most people are very aware of how to use checks to make payments.  Once the internet became popular, and online shopping, as well as gaming, became a mainstay, checks or cheques seemed to be the odd man out.  These payment options may also be known as Bank Drafts, where a person essentially writes out an order for a monetary transfer to be made at a later time.  Those payment requests are typically tracked by the account holder, and now-a-days, online by the banks.  Financial institutions process the cheques or checks and pay the amount to the beneficiary, acting as a middle man.  Mobile casinos often allow for cheques (and also eChecks) to be used to fund player accounts, although they do prefer other means.  The reason is that cheques can be quite costly for casinos, as well as for banks, due to the verification process that must be implemented when they are used.

The best online casinos with cheque deposit and withdrawal options
Vegas Palms, accepts players from all over the world. Play jackpot slots on your mobile.
Slotland, get 1,000 dollar bonus. USA players accepted.

Cheques are widely used around the world for making payments, but they do lack the encrypted technology that makes virtual payment options so secure.  A cheque could be stolen or possibly altered, and currency exchanges often make the process of transacting through cheques very time consuming.  That being said, a fair number of mobile online casinos gladly accept payment and withdrawal via cheques,  Slotland and Vegas Palms for example.

Personal cheques or bank drafts are a popular payment method for making purchases in person, but the delay in time that it takes to process, coupled with the ever present possibility that cheques could be defrauded, make it a risky pick for populating funds into your mobile casino account.  It would be safer to use an E-Wallet like PayPal or a prepaid card like Paysafecard and fund your account that way.